Why Android with us? What is the difference that we bring?

The main goal of the training is to make the students to become ANDROID app development Experts. There are so many free and on-demand training programs available. If you have bought one, it might be sitting on your drop box. We will sit with you and guide every step of the way until you become an expert. After the training we will put you on real projects. Android is the great platform for the smartphones. There is so much innovation happening at Google. If you are passionate about the latest technologies, this is what you should be working. You will be working Wearables technologies, Google Glass, etc… If you are really want to make a difference in your career, this is the opportunity you should grab.

Android Application Programming

  • Introduction to Android

    1. Brief History of Android

    2. What is Android?

    3. Why is Android Important?

    4. What benefits does Android have?

    5. What is OHA?

    6. Five Reasons why Android Revolutionize mobile industry?

    7. Why to choose Android?

    8. Software Architecture of Android

    9. Advantages of Android

    10. Android Features

    11. Android Market

    12. What are 10 things Android phones do better than iPhone?

    13. Comparing Android with other platform

    14.Terms and Acronyms

  • Installation and configuration of Android

    1. Download and installation process of Eclipse

    2. Download and installation process of JDK

    3. Installation of ADT plugin for eclipse

    4. Download and Installation process of Android SDK

    5. Configuration of ADT plug-in for Eclipse

    6. How to select Android version?

    7. Step to create new project?

    8. Running Your Application

    9. Creation of New AVD

    10. Creating Run configuration

    11. Creating Your First Android Application

  • Introductions to Application Components

    1. Activities

    2. Services

    3. Broadcast receivers

    4. Content providers

    5. Intents

    6. Services

    7. Notifications

    8. Activating and shutting down components

    9. Brief idea about manifest file

    10. Brief idea about activities and Tasks

  • Android Component Life Cycle

    1. Activity Life Cycle-In detail with sample program

  • Android Views and Layouts

    1. What are views, Layouts?

    2. How Android Draws views and Layout?

    4. Linear Layout-in detail with Example

    6. Frame Layout-In detail with Example

    7. Tab Layout-In detail with Example

    8. Grid View- In detail With Example

    12. Gallery--- In detail with Example

    13.List View--- In detail with Example

    14. Action Bar

  • Styles and Themes

    1. Providing Resources

    2. Different resource file location

    3. Providing Alternative Resources

    4. Android Finds the Best-matching Resource

    5. Accessing Resources

    6. Accessing Platform Resources

    7. Handling Runtime Changes

  • Introduction to Menus

    1. How to create Menus?

    2. Types of Android Application Menus

    3. Option Menu----a. Icon and b. Expanded-In detail with Example

  • Handling User Interaction Events

    1. Handling User Events

    2. Different types of event listener

    3. Different types of event handler

  • Intents, Broadcast Receivers, Adapters, Internet

    1. Different Types of intent?

    2. Launching Sub-Activities

    3. 6. What is intent Filter

    4. Intent Objects---In detail with Example

    5. Using the Match Filter

    6. Using the Transform Filter

    7. Returning Results

    8. Handling Sub-Activity Results

  • Creating Dialogs

    1. Introduction to Dialogs

    2. Showing and Dismissing of Dialog Boxes

    3. Alert Dialog--In Detail with Example

    4. Progress Dialog-- In Detail With Example

    5. Creating Custom Dialog

    6. Threading and Handler

    8. Notifying Users

    9. Custom Notifications

    10. Toast Message

  • Android Storage Programming

    1. Data Storage using file

    2. Data Storage using shared preference

    3. Data Storage using SQLite DB

    4. Data Backup

    5. App Install Location

    6. Using Built-in Content Provider

  • Android Testing

    1. Device Compatibility

    2. Code Testing

    3. Licensing and Publishing

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