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When we provide a solution to the problem, we stand in customer shoes and we wear customer hat.

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MedhaWare provides information technology (IT) services. The company specializes in IT consulting and IT staffing services. We are laser focused in enterprise mobility, Big Data, Cloud and Internet of Things (IOT) technology solutions. We offer consulting services in enterprise cloud integration, Internet of Things, IT strategy/planning, custom application development, supply chain and ERP systems, enterprise architecture and business intelligence/analytics services.

Why MedhaWare when there are many IT consulting vendors available in the market today?

The first and simple answer:You need Change. If you need to bring innovation and add value to your core business, we recommend changing your IT vendor. Do not keep the same old IT vendor for long time. The second answer is: Our people make the difference. We are real IT people. Our consultants are expert technical people. Our consultants were gone through all the evaluation process and so you do not have to go through the same evaluation unless you want to. We create the culture to openness and integrity and honesty.

The Third answer is the value MedhaWare can bring. We do complete research about the best practices and technologies and how the technology is changing business. You can benefit from our research. You do not have to do research. You benefit from our research and you focus on your core business. Our services provide clear competitive advantage for our clients and partners while keeping IT and Business objectives aligned and strong thereby ensuring that projects are built according to specification and provide maximum value.